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Liebherr LTM 1150-5.3


Exciting news! The LTM 1150-5.3 is coming soon to power up your operations! 🔜👷🚧 With a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tons, it's ready to deliver superior performance and precision. 🏭 Stay tuned for more! #liebherrmobilecranes #barerental #HovagoCranes 🏗️

Liebherr LTM 1150 5 3
Tadano ATF 220

Tadano ATF 220G-5


Available for Sale or Bare Rental 🏗️

When it comes to heavy lifting, the ATF 220G-5 is a top performer. This crane means serious business—handling up to 220 tons with ease and reaching an impressive height with its 68-meter main boom. Plus, the mechanical jib can extend its reach even further, up to 80 meters!

#HeavyLifting #Tadano #ConstructionEquipment

Liebherr LTM 1150-5.3


🔜 Exciting news ahead! Get ready to power up your operations with the efficient Liebherr LTM 1150-5.3! 👷🚧 With a maximum lifting capacity of 150 tons, it's ready to deliver. 🏭 Experience superior performance and precision. #liebherrmobilecranes #barerental #HovagoCranes 🏗️

Liebherr LTM 1150 5 3 2
Grove GMK 5170 1 II

Grove GMK 5170-1


Available for bare rental / for sale. 🏗️ Get ready to lift with the GMK 5170-1! This impressive crane is ideal for your next big project. Increase your productivity with the GMK 5170-1. Contact us to learn more! 🌟 #HeavyLifting #Construction #Grove

🏗️ Ready for action:


Rent the Tadano ATF 200 Crane! 🏗️

Get your projects off the ground with the incredible Tadano ATF 200 all-terrain crane, now available for bare rental! From plant installations to maintenance operations, trust the ATF 200 to handle the load with precision and power. 💪

#PetrochemicalIndustry #OilAndGas #ChemicalEngineering #IndustrialConstruction

ATF 200
Tadano AC 5 160

Tadano AC 5.160-1


🚧 Available & Ready! Lifting with the Tadano AC 5.160 all-terrain crane. Whether you're building skyscrapers 🏙️ or tackling infrastructure challenges, you can rely on its power to get the job done.#tadanoeurope
#construction #allt‍err‍‍‍‍ainc‍‍ran‍‍‍es

Presenting the GTC-2000:


Expand your lifting capabilities with our reliable crawler crane designed to simplify pick and carry operations. Experience the convenience of 100% self-rigging supported by a rugged undercarriage with 1,450kN (150t) of tractive force and stepless track width adjustment for increased stability. Take your lifting to the next level with the GTC-2000. #crawlercrane #tadanoeurope #construction

GTC 2000
Grove GMK 5170 1

Grove GMK 5170-1


🏗️ Gear up for heavy lifting with the GMK 5170-1, now available. Don't miss out on this powerhouse crane - perfect for your next big project. Reach new heights and increase your productivity with the GMK 5170-1. Contact us to find out more! 🌟 #HeavyLifting #Construction #Grove

Tadano ATF 200-5.1


🔥Are you looking to enhance your operations? Consider the Tadano ATF 200-5.1! 🏗️ In need of a crane with top-notch versatility, mobility, and performance for various lifting tasks? Look no further. #TadanoEurope #hovagocranes #construction 🔥‍

Tadano ATF 200
Cc 38650

Demag CC 38.650-1 Boom Booster Plus+


🏗️ This crane is your ultimate partner for heavy lifting jobs, designed to make your work easier and more efficient.
💪 With its special feature, the Boom Booster Plus+, this crane takes lifting to the next level!
#hovagocranes #demagcranes ‍‍#HeavyLifting

LIEBHERR LRT 1100-2.1 - Rough Terrain Crane


Prepared for any job, whether offshore or on rugged terrain. Available for bare rental and ready for pick-up.

Among its standout features, we highlight:
🚧 Improved operator visibility: With the ability to tilt backwards, operators enjoy a better view of the load. Safety and efficiency seamlessly integrated!
⚙️ Ground Adaptive Support: Say hello to VarioBase® technology! Our crane features adaptable support systems that ensure stability and increased lifting capacity on a variety of surfaces. #liebherrcranes #hovagocranes #innovation

Liebherr LRT 042654 2

Demag CC3800 - 650 tons Crawler Crane - Boom Booster Plus


Revolutionize your projects with this Demag CC3800 crawler crane! 🏗️ Raise expectations and push boundaries with this Boom Booster-equipped powerhouse. 💥 Unlock the next level of construction excellence! #BoomBooster #LimitlessLifting #HovagoCranes

🚀🔜 Exciting news ahead!


Get ready to supercharge your operations with the remarkable efficiency of the Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1! 💪 With a maximum lifting capacity of 450 tons, it's set to redefine what's possible. 💡 Experience unmatched power and precision. #liebherrmobilecranes #barerental #HovagoCranes ✨"

Liebherr 1450
Tadano GTC2000

Introducing the GTC-2000

Expand your lifting capabilities with our reliable crane that makes pick & carry easy. 🚀

Enjoy the convenience of 100% self-rigging, complemented by a robust undercarriage with 1,450kN (150t) traction force and stepless track width extension. 🛤️

Enhance your lifting experience with the GTC-2000.

#crawlercrane #tadanoeurope #construction

Step into the future


of lifting power with the AC300!🚀✨ Available for bare rental, it's your go-to solution for solid lifting performance. Need more info? Don't hesitate to reach out 📲 💡 #AC300 #Construction #BareRental #TadanoEurope"

Tadano AC300
Januari ATF220

R E A D Y for pick-up: Tadano ATF 220G-5:


When it comes to heavy lifting, the ATF 220G-5 is king of the hill. This crane means serious business - it can handle up to 220 tons and reach an impressive 68 meters with its boom.

#TadanoEurope #Construction #HeavyLifting

Happy New Year


Wishing everyone a prosperous 2024 on behalf of the entire Hovago team! 🎉✨ #NewYearSuccess #HovagoTeam #CheersTo2024

New Year 2023 foto

Tadano ATF 220G-5


The Tadano ATF 220G-5 will soon be available from our own fleet, fully serviced and ready to work 🛠️.
🌐 What to Expect:
🔧 Reliable and durable performance
🔍 Advanced technological features
🚦 Increased safety
🎮 Easy operation

Introducing the Grove GMK6300L-1, the ultimate 300-tonne mobile crane. 💪


This beast of a machine builds on the legacy of Grove, offering enhanced lifting capabilities, particularly on its extended boom.
GMK6300L-1 is ready to tackle any job, no matter how tough. 😎
#Grovecranes #construction #engineering

Grove GMK 6300 L
Naamloos 1

Grove GMK 5250L a powerful and versatile all-terrain crane.


"Introducing an absolute powerhouse in the world of cranes! 🏗️💪 Don't miss out on the impressive Grove GMK 5250L - a 250-ton all-terrain marvel! 🌐✨ #HeavyMachinery #GroveCranes #Powerhouse" Hovago stands ready to be your trusted Global Crane Partner.

New Website!


The moment we've all been eagerly waiting for has arrived! 🚀 We are thrilled to announce the official launch of our brand-new website,!

🔑 Keycords Giveaway Alert! 🔑

To celebrate this milestone with our dedicated professional community, we're hosting an exclusive giveaway! 🎁 We're giving away 50 limited-edition Hovago collector's keycords!

🚀 How to Participate:
Like this post and be sure to follow us!→ winners will be randomly selected.

Let the journey into the world of cranes begin at!
The Hovago Cranes Team 🏗️ #HovagoWebsiteLaunch #HovagoCranes

New Website
Liebherr LTM 1130 5 1

🏗️🏙️🏗️ LIEBHERR LTM 1130-5.1 - Where Precision Meets Power...


The LTM 1130-5.1 is a highly flexible mobile crane designed for use in urban environments. Its compact design, high lifting capacity, advanced technology, and adaptability make it a valuable asset also for urban construction and infrastructure projects where space and mobility are at a premium.

#hovagocranes #liebherrcranes #construction 🚧💪🏢

🏗️ Unleash the Power of the Grove GMK5170 All Terrain Crane! 🌟


Looking for a crane that combines POWER, MOBILITY, and PERFORMANCE? Look no further! 💪. Efficiency meets Capability - Get the job done like a PRO.

🏗️ Don't miss out on the Grove GMK5170-1 - it's time to CRANE your expectations! 🌆 #hovagocranes #Grovecranes #heavyequipment

Grove GMK 5170 1 170 tons All Terrain Crane
Social Media 29 sep 23

Introducing the Tadano ATF 200G-5.1


Now Available and Ready for Action!

🏗️💪 Explore this well-designed, powerful all-terrain crane built for flexibility and efficient heavy load handling. #TadanoEurope #CranePower #Heavyequipment #hovagocranes

GROVE GMK5250L → Your Ultimate Crane Solution!


Looking for a crane that's ahead of the curve in performance and versatility? Look no further! Meet the GMK5250L:
🌟 Performance Highlights:
✅ High-rated capacity
✅ Superb load chart in its class
✅ Unmatched maneuverability
✅ Quick set-up time
✅ Supreme operator comfort and convenience
Elevate your projects to new heights! 🏗️ #hovagocranes #Grovecranes #ConstructionPowerhouse

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Liebherr LTM 1450-8.1 - BIG & FAST


Available only for bare rental.

→ Powerful
→ Everything on board
→ Ready for anything
#barerental #liebherrcranes #constructionindustry