Tadano ATF 200-5.1 - 200 tons All Terrain Crane

The Tadano ATF 200-5.1: A Versatile and Powerful All-Terrain Crane

The Tadano ATF 200-5.1 is a mobile hydraulic all-terrain crane renowned for its versatility, mobility, and exceptional performance in a wide range of lifting tasks. This versatile 200-ton crane excels even in confined spaces, making it ideal for tasks such as vehicle rescue and cellar wall erection.

One of the ATF 200-5.1's most notable features is its remarkable flexibility. With a lifting capacity ranging from 60 to 200 tonnes, and an efficient counterweight transport system, the ATF 200-5.1 can be adapted to meet the demands of any job. Additionally, the clean axle configuration provides an added advantage in terms of maneuverability and stability.

The ATF 200-5.1 also introduces significant enhancements in transportation ease. Thanks to its multiple counterweight options, up to 24 tonnes of counterweight can be effortlessly transported on a single truck. This makes the ATF 200-5.1 an ideal choice for jobs that require frequent transportation and setup.

In addition to its versatility and mobility, the ATF 200-5.1 is also a highly capable and reliable crane. The carrier is sturdy and maneuverable, and the chassis offers unrivaled off-road capabilities. The ATF 200-5.1 can swiftly navigate inclines of up to 63%, and its 5-axle design sets a high standard for safety measures.

Overall, the Tadano ATF 200-5.1 is a versatile, powerful, and reliable all-terrain crane that is ideal for a wide range of lifting tasks. It is especially well-suited for jobs that require frequent transportation and setup, or that take place in confined or challenging environments.

Please note that specific details and configurations may vary based on the model and any customizations made by the owner or operator.


Serial number






10 x 8 x 10


Mercedes-Benz OM471LA - 390kW - Euromot V - EPA Tier 4F


+/- 1.350


+/- 5.900


16.00 R25



Mercedes OM934LA - 129kW - Euromot V - EPA Tier 4F


+/- 2.600


13,2 m – 60 m

Fixed jib

1,1 + 10,9 m / Hydraulic off-set 0° - 40°


1 (one) and prepared for second winch.


50 Ton

Hook blocks

  • 80 ton - 3-sheave DH
  • 10 ton swivel hook


  • Airco in carrier and crane cabin
  • Additional independent heater with engine pre-heat (Thermo 90 Pro) diesel powered in carrier and crane cabin
  • 2 working lights on boom base section, adjustable (LED)
  • Toolbox in aluminium at rear
  • Emergency (engine) stop carrier and crane cabin
  • Radio remote control
  • Additional oil cooler
  • Integrated intarder


Excellent condition! From our own rental fleet, serviced and ready to work.