Our History

Welcome to "Our History" - a special section of our website dedicated to over 75 years of our journey.

We take you on a nostalgic journey to discover the timeless charm of vintage cranes. Now, we invite you to dig deeper and explore the stories behind the cranes that have not only shaped our heritage, but left an permanent mark on the construction landscape. 

In these pages, you will discover the cranes that have marked our journey. From humble beginnings to steady growth, each chapter reflects our commitment to excellence and progress.

So join us on this journey through time. Let's honor our past, embrace our present, and work together for a great  future! 

LTM 1030

Liebherr LTM 1030

"In the 90s, cranes were like the color green, showing growth and progress. They helped build things, showing how we were moving forward and making big things happen."

Demag CC1400

At the construction site, the Demag CC 1400 crane, with a capacity of 300 tons, lifted heavy loads effortlessly. Workers relied on its strength to lift beams and concrete into place. At the end of the day, it shut down to await the next day's tasks. This beautiful picture was taken during the construction of the port of Agadir, Morocco in 1996.

Demag CC 1400 1
KMK 4080 99

The Krupp KMK 4080

The Krupp KMK 4080 was a very capable crane in its day, here's what it could do:

  • Lift up to 80 tons of weight, but that maximum is for very close loads (around 3 meters). 
  • Extend its main boom from 11.2 meters to 43 meters.
  • Lift and lower the boom quickly and easily.
  • Attach a folding jib that can be offset at different angles for even more reach and flexibility.
  • Drive on roads at up to 69 kilometers per hour
  • Set up quickly and easily with its hydraulic outriggers that level the crane.

Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

  • AM Skyhorse Santo Domingo 2
  • AM Skyhorse 11250 300t 90 Santo Domingo
  • Santo Domingo 6
  • Santo Domingo 4
  • Crew Hovago Santo Domingo 1
  • Santo Domingo 5

In the 90s, Hovago cranes and crew were at work in the port of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. How nice to see them again!

Liebherr LTM 1400 - 500 tons

  • 2024 10 LTM 1400 500t USA