Nuestra historia

Bienvenido a "Nuestra historia", una sección especial de nuestro sitio web dedicada a más de 75 años de camino recorrido.

Le llevamos en un viaje nostálgico para descubrir el encanto intemporal de las grúas antiguas. Ahora, le invitamos a profundizar y explorar las historias que hay detrás de las grúas que no sólo han dado forma a nuestro patrimonio, sino que han dejado una huella permanente en el paisaje de la construcción.

En estas páginas, descubrirá las grúas que han marcado nuestra trayectoria. Desde los humildes comienzos hasta el crecimiento constante, cada capítulo refleja nuestro compromiso con la excelencia y el progreso.

Acompáñenos en este viaje a través del tiempo. Honremos nuestro pasado, abracemos nuestro presente y trabajemos juntos por un gran futuro!

Demag AC 1200

The Demag AC 1200, introduced in the late 1980s, was one of the largest and most powerful mobile cranes of its time. With a 1,200-ton lifting capacity, it set new industry standards and enabled the completion of demanding construction projects worldwide. Its impressive capabilities made it a top choice for heavy lifting tasks, like building major bridges and industrial installations.

Demag AC 1200
AC 615 SL

Demag AC 615 SL

The AC 615 SL, introduced in the early 1990s, was a powerful all-terrain crane known for its 150-ton lifting capacity and 60-meter telescopic boom. It played a key role in the construction of many buildings before being discontinued in the mid-1990s.

Liebherr LTM 1070-1

When the LTM 1070-1 was introduced, it represented a significant advancement in mobile crane technology. It was one of the first cranes to combine a high lifting capacity with remarkable mobility.

LTM 1070
PH 5300

A Legacy of Strength

The P&H 5300 isn’t just a crane; it’s a legacy. With roots tracing back to the innovative spirit of the Harnischfeger Corporation, this crane embodies decades of technological advancement and engineering excellence. It has played a pivotal role in iconic projects around the globe, lifting the weight of the world and shaping skylines.

Grove RT 522

Did you know that some of these machines are still in use today? ...old is gold (from someone who saw it work in 2024!)

Grove RT 522
LTM 1400 1

Liebherr LTM 1400-1

From ancient pulleys to modern cranes, we've come a long way! The Liebherr LTM 1400-1, with its 400-ton lifting power and long boom, shows this progress. Its advanced tech and mobility made it a real game changer in construction.

FAUN ATF 120-5

What we heard from a reliable source:

This FAUN ATF 120-5 was introduced as the "jubilee crane" on the occasion of FAUN's 150th anniversary in 1990. It was a simple but powerful machine. It could easily reach 85 km/h on the highway at a time when the competition could only go a little faster than 70 km/h.

Faun ATF 120 5 2
LTM 2025

Liebherr LTM 2025

"In the 90s, cranes were like the color green, showing growth and progress. They helped build things, showing how we were moving forward and making big things happen."

Demag CC1400

At the construction site, the Demag CC 1400 crane, with a capacity of 300 tons, lifted heavy loads effortlessly. Workers relied on its strength to lift beams and concrete into place. At the end of the day, it shut down to await the next day's tasks. This beautiful picture was taken during the construction of the port of Agadir, Morocco in 1996.

Demag CC 1400 1
KMK 4080 99

Santo Domingo - Dominican Republic

  • AM Skyhorse Santo Domingo 2
  • AM Skyhorse 11250 300t 90 Santo Domingo
  • Santo Domingo 6
  • Santo Domingo 4
  • Crew Hovago Santo Domingo 1
  • Santo Domingo 5

In the 90s, Hovago cranes and crew were at work in the port of Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. How nice to see them again!

Liebherr LTM 1400 - 500 tons

  • 2024 10 LTM 1400 500t USA