Tadano GTC-2000 - 200 tons Telescopic Crawler Crane

The Tadano GTC-2000

Elevate Your Projects with a 200-Ton Telescopic Crawler Crane

🏗️ Unmatched Power: The Tadano GTC-2000 is your answer to heavy lifting, boasting a colossal 200-ton lifting capacity. It's the powerhouse you need for those truly monumental projects.

🦎 Master of Mobility: With its telescopic crawler design, this crane conquers any terrain it encounters. Whether you're working on soft ground or rough landscapes, the GTC-2000 ensures stability and adaptability.

🌟 Limitless Reach: The telescopic boom extends your reach to the skies, ensuring that no task is too high to conquer. This crane is all about flexibility, efficiency, and getting the job done.

💥 Engineered for Performance: Powered by a high-performance engine, the Tadano GTC-2000 offers the muscle needed for your heavy lifting operations. It's designed to keep you on schedule and on budget.

🛡️ Safety at the Core: Safety is paramount. Equipped with cutting-edge features like load moment indicators and advanced safety systems, the GTC-2000 ensures your operations are secure from start to finish.

🌐 Global Versatility: No matter where your project takes you, this crane is easy to transport and deploy, offering a global reach that matches your ambition.

🎛️ Operator Excellence: The operator's cabin is designed for comfort and control. The latest technology ensures precise, efficient, and safe operation.

The Tadano GTC-2000 is more than a crane; it's your partner in reaching new heights and pushing the boundaries of what's possible in construction. Experience the pinnacle of heavy lifting at Hovago Cranes!

Please note that specific details and configurations may vary based on the model and any customizations made by the owner or operator.


Serial number




Engine hours

+- 750

Carbody and superstructure


MB OM 936 LA - 230 kW / 308 HP - Eu stage V / Tier 4F


12 m – 60 m telescopic ( 5 steel sheaves on boom head for max. lifting cap. 144.4 ton )


H1 / one , including preparation for later retrofitting H2


45 ton - base plate 5 ton and 4 identical 10 ton cast slabs

Central Cwt.

2 x 7.5 ton - anti slip top surface - large box integrated for storage of slings


Crawler shoes 2-grouser 1000mm

Crawler drive

GFT330 gearboxes with 1450kN Traction force with speed sensor Gradeability 50%

Hook block

  • 94 ton – 3-sheaves DH


  • Rear view camera - blind spot camera on the right
  • Rear lights for illuminating area behind crane
  • Two adjustable floodlights at boom base section
  • Automatic central lubrication system carbody and superstructure
  • Air-conditioning in crane cab
  • Engine independent heater superstructure cab with timer
  • Hoist 1 visualization by camera system
  • IC-1 plus (Slewing angle and track width related Capacity Chart)
  • Fall protection at the counterweight - TOTEM Mast
  • Aluminium lockable storage box for tools
  • Electric emergency stop inside the cabin
  • Seat heating


Excellent condition! From our own rental fleet, serviced and ready to work.