Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 - 100 ton Rough Terrain Crane

Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1

Your Partner for Heavy Lifting in the Great Outdoors!

🏗️ Unleash the Power: This formidable crane boasts a whopping 100 metric tons of lifting capacity, making it the ultimate choice for your heaviest lifting needs.

🌿 Conquer the Wild Terrain: Designed for off-road supremacy, the Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 navigates rugged construction sites with ease. With a 6x6 drive configuration, it's your trusty companion on even the roughest of terrains.

🌍 Versatility and Reach: Its telescopic boom reaches up to 50 meters, and you can equip it with a jib for added versatility, ensuring you're always ready for the job at hand.

🔥 Power in Motion: This workhorse is fueled by a robust, fuel-efficient diesel engine, guaranteeing the power you need for all your lifting operations.

🎯 Safety First: With cutting-edge safety features like load moment indicators, anti-two block systems, and outrigger monitoring, your peace of mind is our top priority.

🏗️ Compact and Mobile: The Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 is easy to transport to various job sites, making it a convenient and cost-effective choice for your projects.

💺 Operator Comfort: Inside its ergonomic cabin, operators experience unparalleled comfort and control, ensuring a productive and safe work environment.

The Liebherr LRT 1100-2.1 is not just a crane; it's your dependable partner for conquering the great outdoors and lifting your projects to new heights. Discover the ultimate in heavy lifting at Hovago Cranes!

Please note that specific details and configurations may vary based on the model and any customizations made by the owner or operator.




Serial number



Cummins, 6 cylinder, watercooled 194 kW (264 h.p.) EPA/CARB or ECE-R.96

Engine hours

+- 250



12.6 m - 50 m

Swing-away jib

10.5 m - 19 m adjustment 0°/20°/40°


14 ton


2 (two)

Hook blocks

  • 100 ton 7 sheaves double hook
  • 18.7 ton 1 sheave single hook
  • crane hook 6.3 ton


  • Additional pulley block for loads up to 80 t
  • Engine shut down valve inclusive overspeed protection
  • Hydraulic ballasting device
  • Two working floodlights at pivot section, electrically adjustable
  • Flight warning light
  • Monitoring of the winch and superstructure right with colour display
  • Emergency operation of crane hydraulic
  • Hydraulic transformer for emergency operation