Demag CC 38.650-1 - 650 tons Crawler Crane - Boom Booster Plus

Demag CC 38.650-1 Boom Booster Plus+

The Demag CC 38.650-1 with Boom Booster Plus+ is a crane designed to efficiently handle heavy lifting tasks with precision and reliability. Its primary feature, the Boom Booster PLUS+, enhances its lifting capabilities by extending the crane's reach and lifting capacity.

With the Boom Booster Plus+, the crane can achieve increased lifting heights and handle heavier loads compared to standard configurations. This makes it particularly well-suited for demanding construction projects where reaching great heights or lifting substantial loads is necessary.

The Demag CC 38.650-1 is engineered with advanced technology to ensure safety and efficiency during operation. Its controls are user-friendly, allowing operators to maneuver the crane with ease while maintaining precise control over lifting operations.

Additionally, the crane is built for durability and stability, capable of withstanding harsh working conditions common in construction sites. 

When considering the rental of a Demag CC 38.650-1 or any other crawler crane, it's important to assess the crane's specific configuration, condition, and maintenance history to ensure it meets the requirements of your intended lifting operations. Additionally, it's crucial to comply with local regulations and safety standards when operating a crane of this size and capacity.

Please note that specific details and configurations may vary based on the model and any customizations made by the owner or operator.


Serial Number






MB OM471LA with 390 kW Eu stage V / Tier 4f


+- 2.200


165 m + 18 m fixed jib for LSL+LF_12 and LSL+LF_14

Boom booster

108 m Boom booster kit

Fixed jib

12 m to 18 m- LF type incl. fixed runner


39.5 m to 42 m – SL mast with Vario SL-kit and Flex frame


SL-tray for variable SL-radius from 11 m to 21 m


H1, H2, H3, W2, and E-boom hoist


225 ton upper / 50 ton lower (SL aux. counterweight not included)


Quadro drive with 2.000 mm crawler shoes

Hook blocks

  • 180t - 2 x 90t - 2 x 2-sheave ramshorn hook
  • 125t - 3-sheave ramshorn hook
  • 18t – single line hook


  • Hydraulic quick-connector for carrier/superstructure
  • Prepared for later attachment of SL-counterweight carrier
  • Refinery kit, fall down protection
  • Crawler self-assembly
  • Rigging aid
  • A-frame quick assembly
  • Flex frame
  • Split tray pallet
  • Central lubrication for superstructure
  • Hydraulic boom pinning


Very good condition! From our own rental fleet, serviced and ready to work !