Demag CC 3800 - Boom Booster Kit

Demag CC3800 Boom Booster Kit

The Demag CC 3800 is a crawler crane known for its high lifting capacity and versatility in various heavy lifting applications.

CC 38.650-1 Boom Booster: Boom Booster Boosts Stiffness, Enhances Lifting Capacity

The optional Boom Booster kit launches the cost-effective CC 38.650-1 to the next level, enabling it to handle lifts normally requiring 750-tonne class cranes. The Boom Booster increases the main boom’s stiffness, boosting the crane’s lifting capacity up to 65.3%. This affords an impressive maximum hook height of 174.5m and lift loads up to 92.5t, making it ideal for erecting large, tall wind turbines. Kits range in length from 24-102m and mount directly on the crane. Twelve-meter length sections ease transport while the Fall Protection System enhances safety. Available for rent now.

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Boom Booster Kit

24 m to 108 m - Boom Booster kit

Superlift mast

2.5 m + 3.5 m - SL-mast intermediates for upgrade 39.5 m - 42 m

Boom Booster options

  • LSL+LF_6 up to LSL+LF_14
  • LSL_7 up to LSL_15
  • SSL_3 / SSL_4
  • SWSL_3 / SWSL_4
  • LVSL_3 / LVSL_4
  • LH_5 / LH+LF_4


  • Flex frame
  • 2 X 10 ton additional counterweight for 225 ton on upper
  • 2 X 10 ton counterweight base plate for low stacking on SL tray
  • Quick move adapter


Excellent condition! From our own rental fleet.

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For more information or availability please contact our sales department.